Dog Imitates Art

The theme for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge is “Life Imitates Art.”

When I created the “Canid” panel (pictured below), I had a fox in mind. Some folks commented that it looked like my American Eskimo dog, except for the coloring of course.

I’ve been thinking about tweaking the design to make a similar panel to represent my Eskie. Might have to add that to the queue of projects.

In the meantime, enjoy my entry for the “life imitates art” challenge:


Chules, my America Eskimo dog


“Canid” stained glass panel by Maggie C.

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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15 Responses to Dog Imitates Art

  1. If that’s your piece of beautiful glass, I guess we all now know from where your inspiration came. 🙂


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  2. Just saw as my comment was posting, that your dog’s name is Chihuly. I love Chihuly’s work (Dale, that is) and since you work in glass, it’s a very appropriate name.

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  3. mtltechwriter says:

    Great job picking two of a kind, one alive another just glass and metal congratulations!

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  4. Maggie C says:

    Yes, although the photo came after the panel was built. Chules does resemble an arctic fox at some angles. Glad you like the glass piece.

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  5. Maggie C says:

    I love his work as well, although I’m embarrassed to admit that I live only a few hours from the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit, and have yet to go see it. A “must do” for this summer, I think.

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  6. Maggie C says:

    Thank you! And thanks for commenting.


  7. Oh, Maggie, you must go! I envy you being so close. I’ve seen one exhibit of his work at the Akron Museum of Art in Ohio, a Christmas tree at the White House some years ago, two installations, one at Kew Gardens and one at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens, as well as a few miscellaneous pieces here and there. I love his work!!

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  8. JANE says:

    I love that you featured your beautiful work and handsome Chules. The photo and stained glass pieces are a stunning duo, Maggie. Made me smile… and I needed one of those this morning. Thank you-


  9. Maggie C says:

    Thank you! Glad you got a smile out of it. Hope your weekend is going well.


  10. Maggie C says:

    Okay, you convinced me! Seattle, here I come!


  11. And as a bonus, you’ll have photos for lots of posts! 🙂

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  12. dawnkinster says:

    Cute! And I’m a sucker for dogs anyway. I’m linking so my dog loving readers can enjoy.

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