Danger: There’s a New Kid in Town

Meet Dart Danger.


He darts into danger wherever he finds it, and… uh… tries to survive???

Well, he’s still working out his super powers, but he’s been darting around my glass studio and has found a ton of ways to get into trouble.



Sometimes the glass is sharper than the person breaking it, and it’s easy to get cut. Dart likes to keep lots of bandages handy.



Dart has heard stories about artists of old suffering from lead poisoning as a result of licking the tips of their paint brushes to obtain a sharp point, and thus ingesting lead paint. When it comes to lead came in the glass studio, Dart suggests using nippers to get the desired shape. Chewing on lead… bad idea.



If an acid is badass enough to etch glass, Dart suggests avoiding skin contact. You think acid indigestion is bad? You don’t even want to think about acid ingestion. Bad. Bad, bad, bad.



One of Dart’s favorite sayings is, “If you can’t stand the heat, don’t touch the tip of the soldering iron.” Dart has such a way with words. The tip of this innocent-looking implement can reach temperatures in the 700 degree Fahrenheit range. Yes, kids, that’s hot.

Dart recommends liberal application of safety gear.


Goggles, gloves, burn-resistant aprons, closed-toe shoes, a full suit of armor… Okay, Dart. That last one is going a bit overboard. But point taken.

If Dart has instilled in you a crippling fear of Tiffany lamp shades, well… his work here is done.

He may have exaggerated a bit on some points. I haven’t suffered an injury in my studio in – oh – three hours now. Of course I haven’t been in my studio in the past three hours, but we take our wins where we can.

Dart may return with more daring feats of whimsy. Or not.


His parting words: Stay safe out there!

D   D is for Danger

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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