Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Dear John – er, I mean Dear Glass Manifestations Blog:

After two years (and three days) of blogging together, I’ve come to realize that my heart truly belongs to another.


You see, shortly after we got together, I began hanging out with another blog. One thing led to another and, dear blog, I fell in love. My other blog, What Rhymes with Stanza, is more fun and more active and just seems to have more personality.


No offense to you, of course, but I can’t continue leading this double life, leading you on to believe you’re the only blog in my life. I’ve decided I need to choose between the two of you and commit to a monogamous blogging relationship.

I’m leaving you, Glass blog. And I’m taking my favorite posts with me. And the gallery, of course. That was mine before we got together. You can keep the past posts. Hopefully they will remind you of the good times we had together.


I invite all my Glass Manifestation readers to move with me to

I will continue to write about glass and art and finding inspiration. But the Stanza blog goes further afield into other topics I love as well.

This is our last post together, dear Glass blog. I wish you well as you remain behind and… um… stagnate.

I’ve gotta run now. My Stanza awaits me.


P.S. – You can keep the “About” page. Stanza and I have our own.

About Maggie C

Stained glass artist, writer, respecter of life.
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2 Responses to Breaking Up is Hard to Do

  1. Debbie says:

    I’m very sad!
    I understand your time constraints and your need to chose, but i LOVE your glass blog.
    No matter how busy i am, i ALWAYS open your blog mail, to feast my eyes on your beautiful creations, when i delete all other blog notifications when im busy.

    okay okay, you promise to put some glass pics in your other blog, but its not the same.

    oh well, i understand, i’m just sad. good luck. i hope you keep glass creation.

    would you consider keeping this blog open and jsut posting occasionallY? i know i would love to see your work. its really amazing.

    thanks for all the inspiration and beauty. Debbie

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  2. Maggie C says:

    Hi, Debbie!

    How funny! You were the one person I thought of when deciding to shut down the blog. You have always been so supportive and appreciative of my work.

    My main issue has been that when I write about art or glass, I feel it should be posted here, but my other blog has a greater readership so I’m torn about where to post. Some of my readers follow both blogs, so I don’t want to post the same material in both places.

    But, at your request (and because I love showing off my work), I’ll limp along with the occasional post here, and I’ll try not to feel guilty about any lengthy gaps in posting. 🙂

    Thank you for asking. You made my day! Probably my week!



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