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pothole oasis resilient perennial midst asphalt desert The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Resilient

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Look What I Found!

This week’s Discover Challenge at The Daily Post asks us to look back at our blog posts for this past year and find a way to build on or synthesize our best work of 2016. My best work? Well, having … Continue reading

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Never the Same Thrice

rigid glass window changing moods of daylight dance heedless of its pane The Daily Post Discover Challenge: One, Two, Three!

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seed of light in dark seed of dark in light sowing interreliance   Y is for Yin-Yang.

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Circle Dance

Round moon makes its rounds around the round earth that moves ‘round the bright, round life-giving sun. Cyclical seasons grow the round bulbs of spring into round flowers in summer that round out colorful bouquets. ‘Round about autumn we round … Continue reading

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I didn’t hedge my bet that the hedge  would stay, but the leaves left and I was left with a whole new view on my view.   Sometimes privacy can be a real pane. I raise my glass to glass. … Continue reading

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Other People’s Opinions

Why should I care what you think? Should I care what you think? I care what you think. Care what you think. What? You think? You, think! Think.   O is for opinion.  

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