Curved Glass Candle

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The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Curve

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Tough Choices: Glass vs. Sleep


I was lying in bed last night, tossing and turning and mentally going over my plans for the coming day. Topping the list was a drive from Portland (Oregon) to Oregon City to meet fellow glass artist Marilyn.

Marilyn had contacted me about a fair quantity of stained glass that she is looking to sell. She estimates that she has about 70 square feet of streaky, 60 square feet of transparent, and potentially a bunch of opaque for sale. She is downsizing and as any of us that have gone through that knows, we have to make tough choices about what to let go and what to keep. In Marilyn’s case, the glass is not going to make the cut (yes, pun intended).

The asking price is more than reasonable, and with my local stained glass retailer gone out of business, this would be a super opportunity for me to stock up on some beautiful additions to my glass supply. And we’re not talking little scraps. We’re talking large pieces, even some quarter sheets.

Ah, but speaking of sheets… as I said, I was lying in bed, tossing and turning. You see, my futon mattress is no longer sleep-inducing. With a deep gulley down the middle, it’s kind of like sleeping in a roadside ditch. Minus the road. And ditch detritus. And I really don’t know how it feels to sleep in a ditch, having never done so. That I recall.

Okay, let’s forget the ditch analogy. Suffice it to say, my bed is not comfy, and I wake up with neck pain and shoulder pain. I know my many-years-too-old mattress is in great part to blame, and it’s in dire need of replacement.

I hate spending money on something as boring as a futon mattress. Especially when there are much more fun, beautiful, exciting things to spend it on. Say… glass, for instance.

Hence, my tough choice. Do I want to sleep at night, or do I want to have a totally kickass glass selection at my disposal? I got up in the morning and made the only decision a right-thinking person would make. I drove down to see Marilyn and her glass.

As hard as I tried to justify buying the glass, I just couldn’t silence the little voice in my head that kept saying, “You can’t sleep on glass, you know.” And so, sadly, I had to leave. Glassless.

I stopped off at a futon store on my way back home, and, try as I might, I just couldn’t get enthused as salesman Mack explained the virtues of varying layers of wool and cotton and other stuff. I may have missed something in the materials discussion, but I’m pretty sure he mentioned plastic bottles, too.

The good news in all of this is that if any of you live near – or are willing to travel to – Portland, OR, you can avail yourselves of this killer deal on glass. Marilyn wants to sell it as one lot, not piecemeal, but she might be flexible in that. And she’s not interested in shipping it, so you’d have to arrange to physically pick it up.

If you’re interested, let me know through email or my contact page, and I’ll put you in touch with Marilyn.

Tonight, as I lay tossing and turning in my futon gulley that may or may not feel like sleeping in a ditch, I’ll be planning tomorrow’s visit to see Mack the futon guy. *Sigh* Not nearly as exciting as going to see glass. In fact, just thinking about futon shopping is making me drowsy.

Maybe I’ll sleep tonight after all.

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Wordless Wednesday 5.18.16


What’s This?  Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Any guesses?

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Chiseled Features


Art comes in many media and creative techniques. These three faces were carved from logs with chain saws, with final touches added by chisel.


The first two represent lumberjacks. And the third is none other than Sasquatch (Big Foot) himself.


These large carvings are on display at Camp 18 Logging Museum in Elsie, Oregon. Photos showing a more distant view of the lumberjacks can be seen in this post on my sister blog, “What Rhymes with Stanza?”

The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Face

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Wordless Wednesday 5/11/16


CFFC: Single Flower

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A to Z to Me


It’s the 8th of May and this is my first post of the month for this blog. After coming up with 26 posts for last month’s A to Z Challenge, I felt the need for a break.

The challenge was fun for me. I jumped in on a whim, having never even heard of it until April 1st, the kickoff day for the challenge. I had to hit the ground running. I thought I’d focus each post on something glass/art related. That lasted until “j,” but I did manage to tie some subsequent posts into my original theme, so I’ll count that as a win.

l1 (2)

My favorite post to write was Light Bulb Moment

Jumping in at the last minute didn’t afford me as much time as I would have liked to visit other participants’ blogs and see how they were responding to the challenge. A goal for next time, if I participate again.

Apparently some bloggers are already ramping up for next year’s challenge. Yikes! I’ve given it a teeny tiny bit of thought, but I know that just planting that little glint of an idea in my mind will likely compel my brain to roll it over and over and over for the next 11 months. And who knows, maybe next spring my challenge posts will pop out of my keyboard like polished stones from a rock tumbler. Or not.

My current goal, though, is to keep at least some semblance of regularity to posting here. I readily admit that at this time my heart is more into my other blog, “What Rhymes with Stanza?” Probably because I don’t have any glass projects currently underway. That could change at any moment if one of my glass concept notions completes its tumbling session and presents me with a shiny design idea that I just can’t pass up.

Congratulations to the many other participants, whether they completed the alphabet or not. We’ve all earned an A for Amazing!

a to z survivor 2016

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In the Zone


Wow! The A to Z Challenge has zipped by! One has to be a bit zealous to come up with 26 posts in 26 days. You have to “get in the zone” of daily writing.

But there is that 27th letter. You know, et, the ampersand? Yup. That used to be the final letter of the English alphabet. Totally deserving of its own post, which I will likely write soon for my other blog, “What Rhymes with Stanza?”


Et, precursor to the ampersand &


I suppose one could always continue the challenge with double letters. Aa for aardvark; BB gun; C. C. Rider… Okay, I’d be stumped after that one.

I started an A to Z challenge of my own a while back, with stained glass. I call it my “Concept Series,” the goal being to create a stained glass series of 26 panels, each representing a concept, or an abstract idea. Something you can’t point to and say, “There it is.”

Things such as artistry, beauty, love… You can say, “This is an example of…” but someone else may have a totally different notion or interpretation of your example, or of what type of example might better represent a given concept. Any word that can start the phrase, “_____ is in the eye (heart/mind/soul) of the beholder,” is probably fair game for the concept series.

And if you look at one of the panels with no directed context, your interpretation might be completely different than mine. And that’s great!

I won’t be going in alphabetical order. I’m not that organized. My muse isn’t that linear in inspiration. The photo below is one of the panels in the series. What might it represent for you? I’ll tell you what it means to me in the “Comments” section for this post.


Z  Z is for Zone.

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