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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Dear John – er, I mean Dear Glass Manifestations Blog: After two years (and three days) of blogging together, I’ve come to realize that my heart truly belongs to another. You see, shortly after we got together, I began hanging … Continue reading

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A Host of Hostas or a Flock of Ferns?

You know how it is when you have a thread loose on your shirt sleeve that you can see out of the corner of your eye every time you move your arm? It’s on the sleeve of your dominant hand, … Continue reading

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Clusters: All Together, Now

In yesterday’s post, the definition of bevels included the mention of “geometric configurations (called ‘clusters’) for incorporation into leaded glass work.” Ah, clusters… The fun thing about clusters is that you have ready-made pieces that you simply fit together (with … Continue reading

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The Bevel You Say!

One way to easily dress up a stained glass panel is to incorporate bevels into the design. While frequently used as borders, individual bevels can also be employed as standalone elements in the overall design of a window or panel. A … Continue reading

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Dancing with Art

      Pillars of Fulfillment,  by Women Who Weld Washington State University campus, Vancouver WA USA The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Dance

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Dog Imitates Art

The theme for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge is “Life Imitates Art.” When I created the “Canid” panel (pictured below), I had a fox in mind. Some folks commented that it looked like my American Eskimo dog, except for … Continue reading

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Inward Eyes

“To see the moon that cannot be seen, turn your eyes inward & look at yourself, in silence…” ~ Rumi You might say I’m in the eye business. According to Dictionary.com, one of the definitions of eye is: the power … Continue reading

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