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Flash Forward

Things aren’t always what they seem. Things don’t always seem what they are. The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Mirror

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Wordless Wednesday 5.18.16

What’s This?  Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Any guesses?

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Danger: There’s a New Kid in Town

Meet Dart Danger. He darts into danger wherever he finds it, and… uh… tries to survive??? Well, he’s still working out his super powers, but he’s been darting around my glass studio and has found a ton of ways to … Continue reading

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Clusters: All Together, Now

In yesterday’s post, the definition of bevels included the mention of “geometric configurations (called ‘clusters’) for incorporation into leaded glass work.” Ah, clusters… The fun thing about clusters is that you have ready-made pieces that you simply fit together (with … Continue reading

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The Bevel You Say!

One way to easily dress up a stained glass panel is to incorporate bevels into the design. While frequently used as borders, individual bevels can also be employed as standalone elements in the overall design of a window or panel. A … Continue reading

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Blurred Lines

In photography, it’s not too hard to accomplish a blurred effect: just take an out of focus photograph, right? To make it artistic or appealing… well, that’s another story. In painting as well, blurring can be used to great effect. … Continue reading

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Can the Muse Come out to Play?

Everyone runs through dry spells with creativity. Most commonly thought of in terms of writing (as in writer’s block), flagging inspiration can happen with any art form. When it happens to me, my inclination is to think, “My God, I’ve lost it. … Continue reading

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