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New Year 2017

As the sun rises on the first day of 2017, I can’t wait to see what the new year manifests! Happy New Year to all! The Daily Post daily prompt: Year

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Art and Environment

The one-word prompt over at The Daily Post today is “Glass.” How could I not write a post to that prompt? I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while now, but it’s not for lack of topics to discuss. It’s … Continue reading

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Tough Choices: Glass vs. Sleep

I was lying in bed last night, tossing and turning and mentally going over my plans for the coming day. Topping the list was a drive from Portland (Oregon) to Oregon City to meet fellow glass artist Marilyn. Marilyn had … Continue reading

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In the Zone

Wow! The A to Z Challenge has zipped by! One has to be a bit zealous to come up with 26 posts in 26 days. You have to “get in the zone” of daily writing. But there is that 27th … Continue reading

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seed of light in dark seed of dark in light sowing interreliance   Y is for Yin-Yang.

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Turn Up the Volume!

Variations on Variables in Vitreous Volume Vapid Vague Vivid Vibrant Vivacious Vavoom!   V is for Volume.

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U Came, U Sawed, U Conquered!

You know about Tiffany and his lamps, and how the lamps are put together with copper foil? Well, before Tiffany came along and foiled everything, there was came. Here’s a little description of came. Came 101, if you will. Came … Continue reading

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